Aesop’s Fables, show related workshop.

This is a great chance to work with one of the cast from the show and make your own version of an Aesop Fable. This workshop is full of fun including: improvisation games and techniques, basic clown and physical comedy, devising and storytelling.  You will use the same process that Small Nose used in rehearsal to work on your own mini Aesop fable:

Three hour workshop -£90.00 + travel

Two hour workshop – £80.00 + travel

It is also possible to arrange bespoke times to fit into a structured timetable.

Half Mask workshop.

Delivered by either Jason or Mark, this workshop explores the possibilities that can be found in the use of half mask. Focusing on games and exercises that will develop the group’s physical skills, as well as improvising big bold characters. The end result; great half mask characters and situations. This is a high-energy workshop not suitable for anywhere that is a near a sign saying ‘Silence exam in progress’.

Three hour workshop -£90.00 + travel

Day workshop – £200.00 inclusive.


Delivered by either Jason or Mark, this workshop explores the silly side in all of us. This is a fast moving workshop where mistakes are celebrated. Through games, provocation and improvisation this workshops moves from group presentations to individual clown entrances and exits.

Three-hour workshop – £90.00

Whole day with Mark and Jason – a more advanced workshop that ends with some mini presentations  -£300.00 inclusive.

Le Jeu (play) and Shakespeare

This is a unique workshop delivered by Jason. Developed as a result of the research he completed for his final MA dissertation Any Clown can perform Shakespeare. In its simplest form it uses the idea of play to generate games that focus on language and action within a Shakespeare text. The ethos of the workshops moves away from idea of getting things ‘right’, and moves towards a creative environment where students play with themes, text and scenes. The workshop is tailored to the student group or to a specific outcome. As such the fee is dependant on the requirements of the workshops.

 Peterborough Learning Partnership members will receive a 10% discount on all workshop offers.









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