HMD – The Holocaust – Legacy Workshop

A Workshop for Secondary Schools

‘The Holocaust.’ One of the most terrible pieces of world history that we have ever seen. But how did something on this scale happen? Surely someone knew this was going to take place? How was it organized? Why didn’t people stop it? It couldn’t happen again…could it?

This workshop fulfills many subject criteria for secondary schools. But it is most booked as a citizenship workshop. It also covers most, if not all of the SMSC criteria for secondary school learning.

The participants will take part in a two-hour drama workshop learning about the Rise of Hitler and Nazism. This two hour, high in energy, active and engaging workshop aims to uncover and the steps towards this dark piece of history, how it was organized, why it happened and why it wasn’t stopped. On the face of things this has a history focus. However, this is a workshop about us as human beings.

“It is the business of every member of the human race to learn the knowledge we need to stop our human race being its own enemy. And teaching about this should for the rest of time be part of the education of every child in the world.” ­?Doctor Martin Stern (Holocaust Survivor).

In this workshop, we look at a real survivor story. And…the survivor herself might have a special message for the participants…

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