small nose theatre mission statementHello, and thank you for coming to see us,

We have arrived in November  2019 – and it’s a really exciting time for Small Nose Productions, and here is why –


‘A story of resilience. A story Hidden. But a story now shared offering hope for us all’.

As part of our HMD work, Small Nose collaborated with Trestle Theatre Company to bring Rachel Levy’s story to the stage. We have just finished a second mini-tour and are planning more venues for 2020. This is where you will find more information on this project

We Love Philippe and Michiko.

They are coming back to see us…Yippee.

We are so happy to say that Philippe Gaulier will be coming back to run a 7-day Bouffon workshop – July 20th – July 26th, 2020. To get all the info click here.

Stand Together

We continue to develop our educational work in schools for Holocaust Memorial Day, and the theme this year is ‘Stand Together’. Mark and I are passionate about this work as we believe it is the foundation for our mission to challenge everyone we work with, to think about the idea of ‘Small Change’. Have a look at what’s been achieved so far – and the journey we what to take – we hope to inspire you.

‘Small Nose…Small Change C.I.C

We have started a new strand of Small Nose that encompasses the work that we hope makes people inquisitive about the idea of making a change in their everyday life.


Our new project, our new idea…we have been talking with Action Against Hunger about an idea we have. More news to follow… we hope!

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