The Small Nose Mission:

‘Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives in each one of us.’ Wilma Rudolph

We aim to inspire and engage audiences and participants and take them on a personal journey that educates, supports, challenges perceptions and encourages change.

We are currently doing this through performance and outreach work in the arenas of mental health and holocaust memorial events in the UK.

We constantly explore and believe there’s no issue or idea that isn’t worth a look. Our next discussions have us looking at a project to support the charity Action Against Hunger.

The issues are serious but our approach means we do all this by having a lot of fun!

The Small Nose Vision:

By creating a playful environment we can make discoveries that both challenge and entertain.

Our philosophy is that the best ideas are born when we are having fun and not afraid to make some mistakes.

Nationally recognised and published ‘clown supreme’, John Wright sums it up in his book Why Is That So Funny?: “If work is playful it becomes pleasurable, and when you’re enjoying yourself you get bolder and take more risks. Choices proliferate. Problems become more manageable because our perspectives change once the work becomes a pleasure.”

The theatrical process of clown is the way we unlock ideas, creativity and mindfulness around the big issues we are tackling.

We trained with the world-renowned Master Clown Phillipe Gaulier who has helped the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen, Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter find their funny.

We are now privileged to be the only UK theatre company who can bring him here from Paris to offer a week-long workshop.

Small Nose Values:

At all times, in everything we do, we are:

  • Playful
  • Creative
  • Honest
  • Collaborative
  • Caring
  • Committed
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