Day 2 & 3, by Suzanne.

Hello! So the last couple of days with Small Nose have been awesome. Stephen is giving us lots of different techniques which we are hoping to slot into our images and scene changes as the story is built.

Tuesday started with circuit training led by Mark and then some acro-balance finished off with a “Danse apache” – a kind of Tango war, where Mark, Jason and I got into a fight of passion and I got to light a cigarette off Mark’s bum. (This is now the best moment of my life, EVER).

We spent the afternoon working different scenes involving buses, chefs and a teddy bear and then had a very delicious dinner at Mark’s house and met his lovely Angela! She is awesome too.

Wednesday Stephen revisited clown, the Michael Chekhov element work as well as the 4 Brothers (Ease, Form, Beauty and Entirety) and 3 Sisters (Falling down, falling up and balance) and some Comedia De L’Arte, too. We’re trying to build a kind of toolkit that will organically slip its way into the on-going work.

We worked scenes again in the afternoon after playing bally – our record is 56.

And Steve Roach from MIND very kindly came to visit us, drenched from the pouring rain by the time he got to The HEG – his visit was invaluable – thank you so much Steve. We talked a lot about the ending of the play. How difficult it is to

offer the idea of treatment for depression in a stage play, without loading the audience with jargon and terminology. And also how each case, is so individual and delicate, every journey and every decision towards treatment must be thought through with sensitivity and care.

As I said to a friend after our second day, I feel very, very, very lucky to be part of this.

Sue xx

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