Holocaust Education

Small Nose has been working in Holocaust Education for over 15 years and we have developed a very strong experiential workshop package for both Primary and Secondary Schools...

Holocaust Education

‘Be Broad with your Education.’

“It is the business of every member of the human race to learn the knowledge we need to stop our human race being it’s own enemy. And teaching about this should for the rest of time be part of the education of every child in the world.” ­?
Doctor Martin Stern (Holocaust Survivor).

For Small Nose Productions Holocaust Education is the beating heart of what we are all about. This subject is the map and the stories that we encounter (our resources) from this subject are our directions. But where are we going?

Over the last 15 years we have been incredibly privileged to spend time with three incredible people whom have become our friends. Mrs Rachel Levy, Mrs Liane Segal and Mr Jean Louis Mazimpaka.

Mrs Levy is a survivor of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. She also survived the Death March, (21 days walking in freezing conditions with very little food and water, when The Nazi’s wanted Auschwitz emptied out).

Mrs Segal (now lady Mayoress of Lewisham) is a survivor from her time as a refugee who came to England on The Kindertransport from Vienna just before the outbreak of World War Two.

Jean Louis is a survivor of The Rwandan Genocide. He watched his friends and neighbours become killers and his whole family killed as he hid eventually managing to escape.

We believe that in sharing their stories of incredible endurance and extraordinary resilience in the face of the most unimaginable kind of horror, these three people have given us the directions to something truly precious. They have given us the directions to happiness and well-being. Their stores show us how to live.

So for Small Nose our Holocaust Education ideas are the essence from which we can open the door to learning about so many wonderful and important things.

  • Openness
  • Kindness
  • Happiness
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • The Human Spirit
  • Seeing and Listening
  • Resilience
  • Courage
  • Aspiration
  • Core Belief
  • NLP
  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration

Our educational work and the workshops that we plan, design, make, deliver and measure all come from this place and in so doing we offer different perspectives on drama and its uses.

We use specific vocabulary and when we facilitate and perform in our workshops the working style, designed exercises, well thought out provocations and highlighted moments for reflection allow a co-produced dynamic that leads participants towards their own journey of self discovery.

For Small Nose, everything else that we do comes from here.

Rachel, Liane and Jean Louis…thank you for showing us the way.

“Small Nose Productions is the leading theatre company working on Holocaust Education in the UK.”
– Gwynne Roberts RWF World Films

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