At Small Nose we really enjoy making stuff…

Making each other laugh, making dinner…and making SHOWS!!! Yippee!!!

We like to create from our starting point in the world of the clown so that at the end of each day we have found something new.  We enjoy breathing new life into a well-known story or a trusted classic. And we are equally happy to start with nothing, a thought, an idea or a story about something that happened to someone we know.


  Rachel Levy’s story is one of hope and resilience. Rachel, along with Liane Segal, have recorded their stories of survival for Small Nose, and we take these into school’s as the starting point for our Holocaust Memorial Day Project.…
Black Dog production still

'I Had a Black Dog' ...his name was depression.

“I found myself laughing out loud and recognised a little thought that said: You shouldn’t be laughing, this is serious, you’re being inappropriate! I told that voice to shut up, I’m enjoying myself.” We are currently in discussion with Norwich…
Richard III workshop

Small Nose looks at Richard III

Small Nose has been working in collaboration with Mr. John Wright to find a fun version of this great play!

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