Rachel Levy’s story is one of hope and resilience. Rachel, along with Liane Segal, have recorded their stories of survival for Small Nose, and we take these into school’s as the starting point for our Holocaust Memorial Day Project.

But we wanted to do more – Rachel agreed, and gave us the gift of her story to put on stage for people to see and feel. We felt we had to do this, Small Nose have experienced the power of this transformation through the work we have done with ‘I Had a Black Dog…his name was depression’, and now more than ever we need to see and hear Rachel’s story.


Mark has led this project from start to where we are now. His friendship with Rachel has meant he has truly nurtured this project. Small Nose asked Trestle Theatre Company if they were interested in making a full mask show with us – and if Emily Gray (Trestle Artistic Director) wanted to direct the show.

Merce Ribot and Tom Fox are two performers we have known and worked with (both have their own theatre companies), and they added their beautiful sense of play and sensitivity



If you are interested in seeing the show these are the dates:


16th January: 7.30 Peterborough Regional College – (Ticket)

17th January: Christ’s Hospital School – (Ticket)

To be updated (when Mark gets back from running 6 marathons in a desert!!)

We intend to host a Q & A after each show, so you can tell us what you think of the show that we have made.


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