The Holocaust Memorial Day Project

Welcome to the Small Nose ‘Legacy’ pages. This section of our website in under reconstruction as we are applying to The Arts Council for funding that will enable us to make the story of Mrs Rachel Levy.

Small Nose… and The HMD Project

For several years Small Nose has been working closely with Lewisham Borough Council to produce, create and deliver an educational workshop for primary schools and secondary schools based on The Second World War and the Rise of Nazism. The work culminates in a theatre production that takes place in late January each year.

This project has grown, we now run it for Peterborough Regional College as well.

It’s changed us as human beings…it strives to do the same for those we meet on its journey…

The Kindertransport – A workshop for Primary Schools

Liane Regenbogen was 7 years old when the army arrived. She lived in a beautiful city called Vienna. But after the Nazi army arrived the whole atmosphere changed. Soon Liane would have to leave and start a new life in a foreign land…

The Holocaust – A workshop for Secondary Schools

Rachel Levy was only 13 when they came in 1944. They, (her family and the others from the village), had been forced to live in the forest, hiding away. But eventually, the other people told the Nazi’s where they were hiding. Everyone was rounded up and taken away. They were told they were going to Auschwitz…

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