Rehearsals – Day One.

So I can finally write – Day One of rehearsals for I Had a Black Dog…his name was depression.

Following the fantastic support we have had from the New Wolsey Theatre we are rehearsing for three weeks based at The HEG in Ipswich. So it was there that we gathered at 10.00am. The we being: Stephen Harper (director), Emma Wilkinson (DSM), Mark Curtis (Performer), Suzanne Ahmet (performer) and moi, Jason Webb (performer) and 1st time blog writer.

It would be rude to start the day without a coffee, so we popped into the Studio round the corner for a coffee and an introduction to Rob and from the Creative Learning team for the Wolsey. A very nice space (lots of books).

Coffee drunk we started the day with some Michael Chekov exercises. Nephew to Anton Chekhov and Stanislavski ‘most brilliant student’ it was clear that Stephen thought our acting was truly outstanding too! He said that I was his most brilliant student today. I had only had a brief knowledge of this work from my MA so it was great to use it in a rehearsal environment.

A few weeks ago we did an R&D day on the book, with the help of some great performers (thanks peeps), so Mark, Suzanne and I seemed quite happy to get on with it. In the afternoon (after I definitely wasn’t late back from lunch) we set out all the potential scenes, a possible 30, I think a 3-hour show on depression would be okay – no? Then we had some fun with a kite, a blindfold and an action man. What more can you want from a first day?

More to follow – J

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