Jason Webb

It was whilst on a train to Peterborough that Jason realised something had changed. Having spent quite a lot of time working as a jobbing actor, things had taken a slightly different turn. After getting a rather rare disorder called Achalasia acting full time became a no no, and a job in education presented itself.

However, before this the ‘workshop’ had always held sway in Jason’s life. If not attending workshops with the likes of John Wright, Marcello Magni and Joyce Henderson (he also spent time in Italy training with Antonio Fava in Commedia del art and enjoying Le Jeu and Clown with Mr Gaulier.) Jason was always developing his delivery of various workshops.

The links were there and one day, I think it was the 9th, two different size noses became one, so to speak.

The idea is to keep doing the thing they really enjoy, get other people to do it to; and then show us doing it to other people. I don’t think you can get more precise than that.

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