Mark Curtis

It was whilst out on safari in South Africa studying the monkeys that Mark realised he had left the oven on! Quickly rushing for home, he stupidly left his bag with his phone, wallet and door keys by a yew tree. It was some weeks later that he emerged with a wicked sun tan and a real ability for making himself laugh. But could he make others do the same?
In a haze of delirium he decided to head back to the UK.
After being re-educated at university, Mark went off to Edinburgh in search of anarchy. It was there that he met Angela De Castro who encouraged him to let his inner monkey out; so to speak. They set about creating “A Clowns Graduation!” Mark, now with sore jaw muscles from the constant laughter, set off back to London to continue forging a career as an actor. But he never forgot his now deeply rooted monkey persona. His clown was on its way.
Years later, when it became possible, Mark set off again leaving the building of the narrow boats behind. This time he was not in search of a Brazilian, but instead a French man by the name of Monsieur Philippe Gaulier who was in Paris.
It was here, in a cold telephone exchange that Mark learned to play with his clown, as well as others. Life had changed.
After his time in Paris he remembered his friend Jason, whom he has known for years. They had played ping pong together. They met one day and realised that Mark has a small nose and he calls it a ‘Button Mushroom Nose!’ Jason has a big nose, he calls it ‘Wow!’ and they both had a clown’s nose given to them at different points in time by Mr Gaulier himself. It was on. They laughed as the reality hit home and the table tennis match they were in the middle of went into its forty second tie break!
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