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Black dog project

Happy New Year.

Small Nose is really happy that The Black Dog Project is up and running. This project has been made possible thanks to The Britten Partnership who has been bold enough to fund the project, and Matthew Johnstone who has given us the rights to make a theatrical version of his wonderful and helpful book: ‘I Had a Black Dog’.

So, The Black Dog Project is a series of research and development sessions (3 in all) and then us showing that work (in its rough format) to get feedback which we can take into a full rehearsal for the full scale production of I Had a Black Dog. Why? you ask – because we want to get this right. So many people care about this book, I think everyone I know, when you start talking about this subject, mental health, has a personal experience: stress, panic attacks, anxiety or periods of depression. So we feel a responsibility to make a piece that is engaging to watch and  has integrity. If you look at the website you will start to see the venues we will be visiting (as they are confirmed), we will also be adding a bit of a video diary.

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